Some tips

          …about Registration.

The registration sheet in attached. It is important to have it as soon as possible to include all participants in the Microsoft Teams groups.

     …about Communication:

One of the goals of our project is indeed communication between the students taking part in the project as well as between teachers. For that purpose, two work groups will be created in TEAMS.

Moreover, the web page for this edition is:    

     …about Building the Structure:

The Dutch team decided to prepare and share the initial drawings about the round plate as well as the Bosch profile structure where to hold our components.

     …about Ejecting the polluting cars:

During the kick-off in Leverkusen, the Dutch team suggested to make an improvement to the initial idea. Add a mechanism able to eject the polluting cars out of the plate hanging from the Bosch profile structure.

          …and about the symposium:

The 12th V-Spiders Symposium will take place in Santander, Spain, from May 17 to 19, 2023. During that time, all students will have enough time to prepare and test the devices in order to show the working prototypes.  The hosting Spanish team will give support (electrical, pneumatical, mechanical…) if required.

During the last day, all teams will have about 15 minutes to explain their solution in a power point presentation (functionality, technical reasons, difficulties, costs…).

A jury will examine and assess the devices, both individually and as a whole. The key points for assessment will be:

•   Overall performance

•   Imagination, creativity, and innovation

•   Process management and costs

•   Visual appearance and quality of execution

As in other editions, the purpose of the V-Spiders projects is cooperation, exchange of ideas, learning a lot, and of course, enjoy and have fun.

The more you ask, the more you learn. Please, ask…

Best luck from the hosting V-Spiders Team


P.S.  Remember to fill the registration form as soon as possible to help us with the symposium management (bookings and so on)


Contact us at:              (Eduardo Martínez)                (Alejandro Berrocal)